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The most common question we are asked about Pumptron is:

Why Should I use Pumptron Instead of a Conventional Controller? 

The answer is quite simple: 

Because Pumptron eliminates the need for probes to detect water levels, also flow valves and pressure valves to detect water flow, devices that are expensive and proven to be unreliable, consequently Pumptron significantly reduces the cost and simplifies the overall installation providing high reliability

The reason being conventional Borewell Pump Controllers have sensors that control the Pump, over time these sensors  develop a build up of mineral deposits and other materials. If the Borewell is dry, and water drops on the sensors from higher in the Bore, the controller can turn the pump on.

As the Bore replenishes itself the pump can still be turning, this then makes the pump cavitate, until such time that there is enough water in the Bore to "break through the cavitation effect" 

The result of this is that, the motor is pumping dry, which can destroy the pump and damage the turbine.. This is especially the case if this is repeated which is frequently the case. What has been needed is an intelligent controller that knows if the pump is pumping “Air”. 

Conventional Pump Controllers may not detect a failed phase which can also damage the pump.

The cost of withdrawing the pump, having it replaced and having it replaced in the bore can cost 6,000 Euros. Pumptron will solve this problem for a fraction of this cost.



                      Will not allow the pump to run without water,

                   Will not allow the pump to run if overloaded.

                   No stop/starts caused by fast electrical surges.

                   Zero crossing volt detection; no shock switching.

                   3 phase units instantly disconnects power if any phase drops off.


Pumptron is an Australian designed and manufactured state of the art electronic device for the protection and control  of Submersible water pumps or any other applicable pump installation. Pumptron is the product of a research and development program (R&D) that lasted for more than six years of investigation in the field. It is a simple, cost effective protection and control unit that does away with the need for flow switches or pressure switches or probes immersed into the well or bore, which are expensive to install and tend to be unreliable.

Pumptron protect and controls all known brands of submersible pumps.




1PH - Single phase pumps.

3PH - Three phase pumps.



Installation is simple. Power from the main is connected to Pumptron’s input. The output is connected to the pump. Pumptron can be installed next to the bore or far away… even kilometres if necessary!


          SETTING UP:

Pumptron needs to be set up only once to suit the particular pump. A small adjusting screw is turned until a green light shows that the pump is being detected and under protection and control.



Once the pump is started it will run continuously until water is no longer available. Pumptron senses this and stops the pump. Pumptron’s timer then starts to measure a pre selected time period (set according to the bore water productivity) to allow the bore to refill. This recovery time can be set between 3 minutes and 24 hours.

When the selected recovery time lapses, the pump turns ON automatically and runs until the water is exhausted again. If water is still not present after the pre-set recovery time has elapsed Pumptron will start and stop the pump after ten seconds. This “wait for recovery time/try to pump” sequence will repeat until water is present.

The pump is automatically controlled and protected in this manner until Pumptron is switched OFF manually using the ON/OFF switch on the front panel.


If the pump overloads for any reason, Pumptron will immediately remove power. A flashing red warning light indicates that an overload exists and the system is halted. Pressing the Start/Reset button, or at the water recovery time lapse, Pumptron will check; if the overload condition is still present, the system will instantly return to the Stand By condition and the warning light continues to flash. Call for service as there may be mud or other agents causing the overload. On the other hand if the overload condition has disappeared, normal operation is resumed.


FLOAT SWITCH: When a pump is used to fill a tank or a dam, a plug (connector supplied) is available to connect to a float switch or any external switching device. While Pumptron will maintain its operation of control and protection, the switch indicates when the tank or dam has reached the desired level and the unit stops. When the water level drops and the switch turns ON the pump starts again. The system remains absolutely automatic and unattended.


          TECHNICAL - UNIQUE FEATURES:                          


Pumptron does NOT use phase shift detection so it is very stable and impervious to voltage fluctuations.


Switching ON and OFF is done using thyristors.


Switching is done at the ZERO voltage cross over point of the AC. Pumptron detects when the AC sine wave is at zero volts and trigger the switching thyristors only at that point of time. This results in shock free switching thus providing protection to starter capacitors (condensers) and to the system itself.

An infrared light beam is used in the switching process. This provides high isolation between the low voltage electronics and the main,  making Pumptron very safe to use.



Width = 150mm,  Height = 80mm, Depth = 140mm.


Operating voltages

Single phase

120 - 240 VAC  50/60 Hz


Three phase

220 - 380 - 415 VAC  50/60 Hz

Load current handling

 Single phase

0.5 to 30 Amps


Three phase

0.5 to 20 Amps

Wiring connectors rate at input and output

41 Amps

Electrical isolation between main and logic circuit

 7.5  KV via Infrared light beam.





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